Light Adjustments (Centre of the Universe)

Light Adjustments is a durational landscape film captured over the course of one full day and shot on location at the “Centre of the Universe” about an hour north west of Kamloops, British Columbia. Opening with an extreme close-up view of the sun rising over a distant tree-lined hill through a solar viewing filter, the perspective slowly and continuously widens throughout the film, which ends on a wide-angle view of the surrounding landscape at dawn the following day. Although the perspective shifts as the lens zooms out over the course of the film, the camera position does not change, so that the two sunrises occur at exactly the same spot within the frame. Between these two bookend sunrise events various filters, lenses, and imaging technology are employed to manipulate the light entering the camera lens and expand the visible spectrum. Some manipulations are obvious, others less so. Some contain evidence of the artist's hand, and some make subtle references to other artist works by virtue of the various apparatus employed. Light Adjustments was produced during a collaborative production/dissemination residency at PRIM/Dazibao, Montreal, and follows on the photographic works Spectrum Studies made in preparation for the project.

LightAdjustments lowres